Welcome to 2021. I feel hopeful, do you? We each have an opportunity to rise up in the morning (or whenever you start your day) and make a decision that today is going to be a great day. I’ll be honest, I’m not always successful about it and throughout the day, circumstances may change, but … Continue reading 2021

I Am Learning

Each day, when I wake up, I take time to read a daily Bible verse. Then I begin my gratitude thoughts as I walk downstairs to feed the dogs. This week I started a new ritual. I am Learning to Love Myself. To do this, I am challenging myself (and holding myself accountable by posting … Continue reading I Am Learning

I Wish

I didn’t begin as a girl, because I was a dancer and didn’t make noises like that. I wish I had. The lessons and confidence I have gained since I began really training in 1997, and again in 2004 have changed my life. I want to help people who are frightened by the world of … Continue reading I Wish